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Our thanks go to our resident quizmaster Russel Mathews who concocted the questions and checked your answers.

Three teams had all 10 questions correctly answered so congratulations to:

The winners drawn randomly from these three were Milly, Matt and Janine and a bottle of bubbly will be on its way to you.

Many thanks to all those who took part - even if you did not finish the quiz.


Hawkswell Gardens

1. Two places where his beloved Juliet could be - Romeo would be spoilt for choice but what is the combined house number?

‘Juliet’ balconies are on house numbers 6 and 10 so the combined total is 16. There is also a bigger balcony on Number 18 and answers reflecting any two or all three of the house numbers have been accepted.

2. I am copper coloured and 20m tall. I was here before they built Hawkswell Gardens in the 1960s but how old am I?

The beech tree at the entrance to HG is approximately 105 years old - anywhere between 90 and 120 has been accepted as correct. Two interesting rules of thumb allow you to calculate the age of open grown hardwood trees. The distance from outstretched finger tip to finger tip is the same as your height and the circumference of a tree in inches at around 5 feet from the ground is the same as the age of the tree - it does not work for fruit trees, poplars or yews.

Lonsdale Road

3. My name is John Herivel and I lived on Lonsdale Road for 36 years. I was a mathematician and historian and worked at Bletchley Park during the war. But who “ordered that I should be made”?

The blue plaque is on 75 Lonsdale Road. Around the edge of the plaque you have Susan at the top and ‘mec heht gewycan’ at the bottom. The bottom quote is from an album called The Dark is Rising by Handspan and means ‘ordered that I should be made’ so the answer is Susan.

Portland Road

4. How many birch trees are in the front gardens of Portland Road?


Kings Cross Road

5. Kings Cross Road is part of the National Cycle network but what number route is it?

The sign on the road says 51.

Lucerne Road

6. How did Alan John Villiers D.S.C., who lived on Lucerne Road from 1967 to 1982, like his ships to be rigged and what was he captain of?

The blue plaque on the wall of 1a Lucerne Road says he liked Square Rigged Ships and was the captain of Mayflower II.

Victoria Road

7. What kind of animal is looking out of the window at number 75?

There is a very large stuffed penguin gazing out of the first floor window.

Hamilton Road

8. I cover the fronts of numbers 13, 15 and 17 but what am I?

A wisteria

9. I have the largest number of solar panels on my roof but you will need to go to Kings Cross Road to see them. What number house am I?



10. Who do I call if I “don’t want to be in the dark”?

The number to call to report a street light being out is 0800 317802 - Oxfordshire County Council Street Lighting Team.