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Sunday Evening Talks

Seven Roads in Summertown promotes a series of talks by local experts.

All talks are free to attend. There is a retiring collection for a charity of the speaker's choice.

Chris Goodall on What We Need To Do Now

Chris Goodall

You can find more about Chris Goodall’s work on his website


The talk was free to attend, but - as usual for Seven Roads talks - we invited you to donate to a cause of the speaker's choice. Chris Goodall asked for donations to go to Cutteslowe Community Larder.

Dr James Painter on climate change and the media

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About the talk

Dr James Painter

There is growing concern about the climate and whether governments can rise to the challenge in time. They need to agree radical policies at the COP26 conference in Glasgow this November. So what can we expect and what role should the media play?

Dr Painter works at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) and the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University. His main research interests are the portrayals of climate change in legacy, digital-borne and social media around the world, and environmental communication in general. He worked at the BBC world service for several years before becoming director of the journalism fellowship programme at RISJ in 2008. He has been visiting professor at the universities of Zurich, Pamplona and Perugia in environmental communication. He has written extensively on climate change and the media and carried out consultancies for various NGOs and UN bodies.

Oxford Zero Carbon Transport

Dr Brenda Boardman

Oxford Zero Carbon Transport: What is being proposed, and reactions to it

Local transport is an important topic in the City at the moment: with plans and proposals on new bus gates, quiet zones, zero emissions zones and emerging plans for the Banbury and Woodstock Roads. Will the City air become cleaner and healthier? Will we become healthier? Will we get the carbon savings we need?

Dr Boardman is an Emeritus Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, following her retirement in September 2008. She has published widely on fuel poverty and since retirement she has focused on transport and its connection to pollution and health. She co-founded CoHSAT (Coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel), whose website you can find at this link.

You can read more about Dr Boardman and her work here on the University of Oxford website.

Further information

Dr Boardman has kindly provided some additional resources from the City and County Councils that you may find interesting:

Previous talks

Recent talks have covered topics including:

Recordings of the talks

Some of our talks are recorded and published as screencast videos. Here are the talks that are available so far:

15th May 2022: What We Need To Do Now

Economist Chris Goodall examines the possible contribution of technology in our struggle to reach net-zero by 2050, and concludes that although society and technology can help, we must also make individual choices.

23rd May 2021: Climate change and the media

Dr James Painter considers what we can expect from the COP26 conference in Glasgow later in 2021, and how public opinion is shaped by the media and other factors.