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Sending pictures, videos and other files to our website

If you need to send pictures, videos or any other material for use on our website, you’ve come to the right place! Further down this page you will find our tool that makes it as easy as possible, even if you have very large files or a very large number of files.

Which method should I use?


If you already use WhatsApp and the files you want to send are on your phone, it provides a very easy way to send photos and short videos. Please send your material to Jonathan’s phone 07713 241838.

WhatsApp imposes a limit on the size of files it can send. You won’t be able to send any video longer than about 2 minutes.


Sending files as email attachments is often convenient, and you are welcome to use to send us material. However, it has some serious limitations:

In summary: email is great for sending individual documents, but it’s not ideal for pictures and video.

File transfer services

There are many excellent file sharing services available such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, WeTransfer and Apple MailDrop. If you are able to use one of these services, it is a good way to transfer large files, photos and videos to us or to anyone else. However, you may find that their numerous options and settings can make them a little tricky to use.

Our file sending tool

This tool makes it easy to send files to the Seven Roads website so that we can use them on the site or in other material.

On the computer or device that holds the files you want to send, visit this page and use the form below.

If you experience any difficulties please feel free to contact Jonathan Bromley who will try to help.

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